Recognized amongst the very best for superior housekeeping Standards




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To the Owners of Villa Venezia


I was pleased to have noted that your housekeeping inspection reflected 100%. Outstanding! As a direct result of this, The Property Review Program, through their inspectors, recommended that Villa Venezia be recognized for the annual Donald A. Dermody White Glove Award. We considered your score worthy of prominence and recognition and applaud your efforts in taking a stand for quality.


To help you better understand the significance of the WGA, here is the distinction your property earned:

Of the fifty-four small lodgings across Florida that were nominated for the coveted White Glove Award, nominees hat to reflect the following:

White Glove Award (WGA) Nominees are amongst the very best of SSLs. They feature superior housekeeping standards, superb interior decor in an authentic and personalized hospitality environment. Winner of the WGA provides an unsurpassed and unforgettable small lodging experience; including personal service and superior quality of facilities matched by an extensive range of amenities for leisure and business travelers alike.


As you can appreciate, standards in housekeeping are a major factor in enticing visitors, as they have certain expectations in cleanliness, safety, comfort and service. You've met these and we applaud you.


My Best

Catherine Arthur

Executive Director

Superior Small Lodging